In the EcoMedia research project we investigate how the changing media experiences and habits influence media house ecosystems. Furthermore we explore business model aspects related to digital new(s) media.

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About the Project

This three year project started January 1st 2013 and is financed by the KK Foundation with 5,25 MSEK. The project is managed by the Media-IT group at Halmstad University. Newspaper partners are: Aftonbladet, Expressen, Göteborgs‐Posten, Helsingborgs Dagblad, Mediabolaget Västkusten AB, MittMedia and Västerbottens-Kuriren. The project addresses the following research questions:

How does changing media experiences/habits influence media house ecosystems?
What are the frames and building blocks that are adaptable to business modeling for digital new(s) media, and how can new business models be designed?

The overall goal of this project is to generate a comprehensive view of the changing news media ecosystem to prepare the newspaper partners for the future and the researchers to contribute to the body of knowledge within this area. The contributions of this project are expected to be:

Identification and description of today´s digital media ecosystem of newspapers Descriptions of consumption patterns regarding different devices for media consumption as well as user preferences of future media services
Identification and description of frames and building blocks of business models leveraging value in the digital business ecosystem
Models of new(s) media ecosystems considering changing media experiences/habits and ecosystem relationships

Publication List

The publication list feature references to articles that has been written by the Media-IT group in relation to the New(s) Media Ecosystem project. The articles are ordered by publication year.

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Student Theses/Project

Theseswork on both bachelor and masterlevel and designstudio projects carried out by students during the project.

Bronan, R. (2013). New(s) Delivery to Television. (Part of Dissertation)
Aggeland, C. & Olsson, S. (2013). Världen med notifikationer - En studie om individers upplevda känslor kring notifikationer på sociala medier. (Bachelor)
Nordström A. M., Christner, D., Angeniusoch, M. & Calming, V. (2014). Mobil betallösning för unga (Designstudio Project)
De Schutter, J., Gabriels, K. & Ravers, B. (2015). Exploring modern opportunities for news media - Reaching the younger audience (Master)

Mini Reports

During the project we have continously produced short reports regarding progress on the theme "Young Readers", all the reports are in swedish, if you are an english speaker we instead recommend that you look at our publication list where you can find references to scientific articles written in english. The majority of the reports is based on a series of focus groups with young readers with an average age of 22, and a field test where users media habits were investigated. All the reports are available below in PDF format.

Report #1: Presentation av fokusgrupp
Report #2: Att hålla sig up to date
Report #3: Det tysta deltagandet i sociala medier
Report #4: Tidningens roll och betalningsvilja
Report #5: Studie om ungas teknik och medieanvändande
Report #6: Ett dygn i en värld av skärmar
Report #7: Presentation av deltagare i en studie om ungas medieanvändande
Report #8: Enkätrapportering